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Most clients would like to have a custom website made, but are quickly shocked by the total cost. 
As a result, they start to look for a cheaper alternative, such as WordPress theme that suits their needs, adjust the colors and fonts and are done. As a result, you have a website that anyone can buy for a few dollars and that you do not properly propagate your brand to your target group. Webflow can be set up very easily, without having to make concessions on SEO or functionality. In Webflow, the designers can get started building the website themselves, so that you skip the developer, as it were. This not only saves a lot of time, but also costs. Your website is therefore not only delivered faster, but is also a lot cheaper. And of course performs much faster!

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Webflow hosting is very fast and efficient

Webflow has hosting service on Amazon CloudFront and Fastly. These are top level providers that do cloud hosting, which means that your website loads quickly anywhere in the world. Regular web hosting is often linked to single location, so not everyone has an equally fast website. Webflow has solved this thing by working together with these parties and has 100+ datacenters and servers worldwide.

Webflow and SEO performance

As mentioned earlier, Webflow has a powerful hand on SEO. You can give everything to your images, links and texts. From meta tags to 301 redirects and from automatic XML sitemaps to canonical tags. 

Webflow has the advantage that it is very clean in terms of code, so that your website will probably load a lot faster than if you were using WordPress. 

That's because WordPress is full of features that many websites don't need in common. Most companies get away with a simple CMS in which you post news items or projects and it is not at all necessary to register users, or to add extra plugins and themes. You want your website to be as light as possible, because a faster loading time is almost synonymous with ranking higher on Google.

After reading this text, you are not yet sure whether Webflow is completely suitable for your website? Or are you just curious about the possibilities? Give me a call or leave your details. I am glad to help.

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